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The range of MGV34 gearless machines, with the versions .4 and .6, is available for loads up to 2500 kg, 2:1 with sheave diameter up to 320 mm. The potruding sheave (cantilever) allows an easy insertion of the ropes and facilitates any possible maintenance. The range of MGV34 machines grants both a smoothness of operation and the max. facility in regulating the main Inverter, and the Brake system is in accordance with the norm EN-81-1:1998+A3:2009 as device against the uncontrolled movement of the open door cabin. Levers for manual Brake release are supplied as standard.

Carico statico fino a 5500 kg
Momento torcente fino a 1500 Nm, S5, 40%ED
RPM fino a 360
Pulegge diam. 240 - 320 mm
Freno 2x750 Nm e 2x950 Nm
Peso fino a 445 kg


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